Tangye jacks, cylinders, Tangye pumps, Hi-Force jacks & cylinders, jack seal kits

Tangye Jacks, Tangye Cylinders, Tangye Pumps and Associated Equipment
The UK's prime online source for buying Tangye jacks, Tangye cylinders and Tangye pumps and accessories.Also the range of Hi-Force jacks, cylinders, pumps. We also stock a wide range of jack seal kits and undertake jack testing and repair work.

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You can buy online with an appropriate card or order by pro-forma for cheque payment. Full details are on the website.

Tidyco also sell HI-Force Jacks, Cylinders and Pumps, spares and seal kits. Honda Power equipment, Honda generators, Honda water pumps, Honda Power Carriers and Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Hose assemblies and fittings as well as a huge range of accessories and consumables for hydraulic applications.


Tangye Jacks

Hydralite jacks

20 Tonne jack
30 Tonne jack
40 Tonne jack
60 Tonne jack
100 Tonne jack

Euro Superline bottle jacks

3 Tonne jack
5 Tonne jack
6 Tonne jack - double lift
8 Tonne jack
10 Tonne jack
10 Tonne jack - double lift
13 Tonne jack
15 Tonne jack
20 Tonne jack
25 Tonne jack
35 Tonne jack

Hi-Force jacks

JAH Lightweight aluminium jacks:

20 Tonne jack
30 Tonne jack
60 Tonne jack
100 Tonne jack

JSS Bottle jacks

3 Tonne jack
5 Tonne jack
10 Tonne jack
16 Tonne jack
20 Tonne jack
32 Tonne jack
50 Tonne jack
100 tonne jack





Tangye Cylinders

A full range of Hydraulic Return, Hollow Cylinder, Single Acting, Low Height Load Return, Hydraulic Return , Single Acting Hollow Spring Assisted Return, Tangye cylinders are available, Whilst these are not yet available yet for online purchase they can be supplied - P.O.A

To view full range of Hi-Force and Tangye products, please use the store links at the top of the page.

Hi-Force cylinders

HSS Single acting cylinders

4.5 Tonne cylinder
14.5 Tonne cylinder
25 Tonne cylinder
29 Tonne cylinder
50 Tonne cylinder
73 Tonne cylinder
109 Tonne cylinder

HDA Double acting cylnders

10-3 Tonne cylinder
24-10 Tonne cylinder
50-15 Tonne cylinder
109-36 Tonne cylinder
152-79 Tonne cylinder
203-94 Tonne cylinder
261-131 Tonne cylinder
326-173 Tonne cylinder
398-137 Tonne cylinder
520-289 Tonne cylinder

HiForce Pumps

Hi-Force Gauges

Tangye Seal Kits

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